Stupid blog via email

Apparently all the text I tried to upload along with that picture of
Brandon didn't go through. Now I just look like a super creeper
posting a photo of him AS my entire blog post. Not that I'm NOT a
creep lurker...just not on Brandon.

Anyway...we're in Idaho. The place we stayed last night was mad swank
and pretty legit. All modern vintage appeal and a creepy bathroom door
that would have been amazing under COMPLETELY different circumstances.

After coffee, we're headed back to California in my car, which looks
amazing and brand new. The guy who owned the body shop was a major
sweetheart and totally awesome. We've driven a little over 70 miles
around Boise since I got it back and things seem in perfect working
order so far. Hopefully it'll maintain that once we get on the freeway
headed home.



I've got a small problem.  I like shoes.  A lot.  And these are my new lust.  I also just found them on sale.  But not in my size.  I think that's a sign I don't actually need them.

Too bad all that means is that I'll be looking all over the interwebz to find them in my size at the same price.


One more reason my mother is amazing

Surgery on Friday, back to work tomorrow (Monday).

Yesterday, I realize I don't have anything that will be comfortable to wear to work.  I bring it up to Jeannie Mae to see if she has any khaki or black skirts I can wear (since I'll have to be in "uniform").  She doesn't.

So what's this saint do?  She goes out and buys khaki material.  What is she doing right now?  Making me skirts to wear to work.  She is a dream boat.  And one of the most wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of having in my life.

6 down, 1 to go!!!!

I got out of surgery Friday feeling pretty good.  I only threw up twice all day (total score) and even had visitors!  Jeannie Mae talked to the doctor and apparently my cartilage grew too well and that's why my knee was catching.  This was the BEST case scenario.

What does that mean?  That means I've only one more surgery to go to be completely 100% good again!!!!  The next surgery will just be an exploratory to make sure everything is all gravy.  I was up and walking today and things felt pretty good as far as stability goes. 

How random is 2010 so far.  Yeah, it's a statement, not a question.  From my surgery, to other people's surgeries, my car sitch, people's babies comin' through and hearing about my friend getting stabbed...things are a little crazy this year.  I think I've maintained a pretty positive attitude about everything though.  I don't think I've let the worst get the best of me and I'm going to try to keep the trend going.

I've also switched from Safari to Firefox...and am lacking a couple shortcuts.  I'm trying to get used to it, but I might have to go back based on these little things.  Then again...having these extra shortcuts are pretty sweet too.  I'm keeping an open mind about it, but I'll see how that goes.

I also need to upload a few photos I've taken.  I should really start taking pictures again, so that silly flickr account doesn't go to waste.



I got mine.  I have not taken pictures of them because I'm reh-tahded, but probably will soon.

I haven't been updating as much as I'd like...or should.  I think this thing helps keep me somewhat sane and on a positive mental status.  I'm thinking of taking on yet another project, but I'll have to see how I can even fit it in my schedule as it is.  I still have 2k9 Christmas gifts to finish (yeah...really).

The 19th is creeping up fast.  I'm hardly worried about it; it seems all too routine.

2010 is bringing a lot of difficult things to the table and I'm trying my best to get by without too many pity parties.  If anything, I think I'm going to keep them to once a month at MOST.  Luckily the way I rung in the new year seems to have been the best possible thing for me.  I NEED to get back to hanging out and back to my sociable self; this ish is ridic.

I also need to stop reading silly blogs that I misconstrue into a selfish manner and make excerpts in the post partially about myself.  Then again...maybe not.  I like drama sometimes...especially when it's not quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite my own.  After all, I'm still a girl.


This hair style...

apparently attracts compliments as well as men, women, men dressed as women and women dressed as men.

Tonight was no different.  Remember my dear friend Bryce?  If not...here's a reference photo:

Take careful notice of his upper lip.  Wait.  What do you mean you can't see it?  Oh, yeah...it's covered by a GIGANTIC mustache!!

Tonight I met up with Bryce downtown to watch a couple bands play.  In between bands we were talking, like most people do between bands and the next thing I know I feel a hand on my lower back kind of hugging me and squeezing me.  I didn't freak out, I kind of figured it was someone I knew and I just hadn't seen them at the show yet.

I look over to see someone about my height with a little smaller frame wearing a white plaid Kangol style hat, a dark gray/blue jacket over a light gray hoodie, lighter colored jeans and light colored shoes.  I do not recognize this guy!  He's got a baby face and I didn't think he was over 22 years old.  Then...he whispers into my ear while still hugging me and holding me close and I can't really make out what he's saying so I kind of just smile and agree.  

"So...if you need my help, just let me know..." he says.

"Wait.  What?  What'd you say?" 

"Oh, I saw you standing here talking to this guy and I thought to myself, "I think I need to go save that girl, I don't think she wants to be talking to this guy." (referring to Bryce)"

"Hahaha...actually, we're good friends.  I know his mustache makes him look like a total creep, but he's a good dude."

"Oh, damn.  I'm soooooo sorry.  Well, is it okay if I just stand here and talk to you for a minute anyway?" he asks as he sort of hugs me again and pulls me in.

I didn't care so I let dude chat me up for a minute.  He introduced himself and I cannot remember dude's name, but I DO remember it being quite ambiguous.  He was waaaaaaaaaaaaasted so I didn't care and I never turn down a wasted convo.  As we talk, Bryce and his friend slowly move away from me.  What assholes.

I finally make it a little obvious I want to get back to my conversation and he lets me, but not before he asks for my name a second time.  I give him my name and he grabs ahold of my shoulders and repeats my name at LEAST 30 times all the while kind of pushing me back and forth.  I'm PRAYING he doesn't try to kiss me.  I wasn't in the mood to be ambushed!!!!  I luck out and he leaves after telling me it was nice to meet me.

I make my way over to Bryce and his friend to clarify if it was a male or female.  Verdict: female.

Shocker, right?  Didn't think so.  Me and my hair are a chick magnet.


Fat Kid Tour pt. 4

This last weekend I found myself in Los Angeles on yet another fat kid tour.  Cupcakes, coffee, more cupcakes and pretzels!!!  And yes...that's pretty much all I ate for 2 days.  And no...I don't regret that.

I got to put my feet in some sand for the first time in a looooooooooooooooooong time!  And it felt GOOD.

I was able to pull off my goal and I was out of Sacramento each weekend of January.  It was amazing.  I love not being home and I LOVED trying to find a new place to go each weekend.  What's going to suck is that the month of February will keep me somewhat confined.  Silly surgery!!!

Despite recent ridiculous events...I like to think my spirits are still amazingly high.  My guess is that it has something to do with all the new people I have contact with 3 or 4 days a week.  Especially the 73 year old Argentinian woman who I seem to see semi-regularly these days that told me, "You have a smile that makes people's days!"