Dropping Brandon's Motorcycle

Haha...yeah I did.  Oops.  He didn't think it was as funny as I did.

So here's the haps:

We were out just taking a little putt while we had some time and the weather was nice.  Since my Suzi isn't registered and I'm mad frightened about getting 'er towed, Brandon let me ride his little Yammy.  We head out towards Jackson...we decided just to take a little trip about half hour out since I didn't have much time.

Apparently it'd been a while since I've ridden (before my last surgery) and I am such a retard that at one point I needed to shift up and kicked the shifter down.  Oops!!  I guess I thought I was riding an English bike?  Into second gear I went!!  I was thrown a little forward, laughed and recovered quite well without anyone the wiser.

We needed to stop and fill up both bikes before heading out.  As we go to leave the gas station, we have to do a routine little maneuver to get into the far left turn lane.  Brandon goes first.  I go to follow and as I'm trying to inch up next to him, I'm pretty much walking the bike with the bars turned all the way right to make my way next to B.  As I'm straddling the bike walking it up to the car, the bike starts leaning hard right (yeah...my good leg, what.the.heck).  I realize I can't keep the bike up, but don't want to just let it drop and hit the street hard, so I gently set it down.  It had to have been the most slow motion ridiculousness to watch!!!

Brandon's looking at me in disbelief.  I'm laughing in disbelief because not only do I actually set the bike down, I do it in the middle of the street.  Of a crowded street.  With a couple cars behind us.

Brandon shakes his head, sort of smiling and goes to ride his bike back across the street to the gas station so he can pick up the bike I'm no longer on. 

He stalls.

His bike is kick only.

He's gotta push it across 2 lanes of traffic.

He finally makes it back, picks up the Yammy, pushes it across the street and just shakes his head in disappointment.  Once he finally gets the bike running again (I flooded everything), he decided we needed a safer Rijel Route. 

The rest of the trip went off without a hitch.  I finally got to ride and I've now dropped a bike for the second time!!!  I'm an iiiiiiiiiiiiiidiot!!!!!!


Holy crap LEGO

I don't even know if I can explain how in LOVE with this I am.  It's $90, but I'm probably going to break down and get this masterpiece of square sex.  I also need to go back to Pennsylvania and see this bad boy IRL.

This would be pretty sweet too.  Really any modern art design buildings in Lego form would be amazing.

On a different note...if you haven't read this amazing blog, where the fuck have you been?  And no.  I'm not trying to be his one true love, get into his pants, win him over with my ego stroke, or any other kind of stroke for that matter.  He truly IS a gentleman, a scholar and an incredible human being.  So, if you happen to know a highly educated, heavily tattooed babe with an ass that makes Beyonce think she left the junk out of her trunk...send him a message.  No, seriously.


Cross it off the list

Watch a movie alone.

It is was on my list of things to get done.  Granted, it was on my list of things to get done back in 2006, but it's better late than never, right?  I woke up early yesterday and went to Tower Theater to see Crazy Heart.  I remembered how much I love legit country music and I have a new love for watching movies by myself.

I still have a few things on my list that I need to get done.  I'll be crossing another off the list in a little less than 30 minutes.  I'll be riding my bicycle during the day downtown.  I'm such a klutz I've been apprehensive about riding downtown.  I worry about falling off or getting hit by a car.  I should get a helmet!!!!


Grandma's getting younger

G-ma had her birthday today.  Sunday most of the family drove up to Oroville to start the pre-partying.  I got to see most my cousins and G-ma was more excited and happy than I have seen her in a long time.  She was absolutely glowing.

My grandma is amazing.


No one likes a bummed Rijel

Including me.  Which is why every time I feel it coming on, I try to fix it immediately!!!

Things that make me happy:


 More family


Donk Magazine

Rhino vs. Donk



Coffee AKA Mocha

And amazing sunsets.


After surgery amazingness pt. 2

How was surgery?

I miss you.
Here's a shapeshifyer on the kooseand they're gonna get me

Hahahahaha! That's hilarious! Miss you!

Why aren't you online? Iow do j hey my grutxhes?

I will go online later, and I bet you're feeling really good!

U have a double chin and I can see it
I'm trying to cdeod chat with Brandon
And I can see hmthr I have like 5 chins
It's awful

Ummm. Idinnoif baand is bringing myceitches


I nee crutcheshbbbbbbn

Oh crutches!

That's what I sad!!!!

I need to Take off thisprotectiln. ISA yyo smell your face.

Not drunk on alcohol!!!!!
Risky from the mess!

Horatio cane is the worst. They bneed to take him off tv. Andhustjeave is glasses o
His look is the worry that's why I had to change it. Supernatural now. With a gin and 7th heaven

I heart Jessica Beil.

She is a babe shedid JT and got naked in a movie sorry of

Yeah. Hot.

Yeah. Of I were a boy I'd thru to slide it in for sire.

Me too! Lol  How's your knee?

It's phat. Pretty hot and tempting.
I need totals this dumb xcreenprotectoroff it's awful
I think Brandin needs to bring me myceitches

Nice. Are you done now? Or do you go back in again?

Mom says one more. Dad says he didn't say that. I don't rmemeber taking to anyone except the angel that maenads me tea
NY eyes are heavy
But tv is on. Howdi I resist that !?!!????

I bet! Lol get some rest dork.

Is itcause you tole her to eat a dick? 
And now she's hungry?

uiour'43 supposed to be my sebt friend

i have a aawlker only
and it sucks
i'm not 893452 years old
why the fuck do i need a walker?!???!?!?!?!?!

i need pinecones
cun you bring my brutches

you whine
you're hte wordst

i thought your dad took your internet away!

he tried
i condtested
and said
no white man
i lose the interet
you lsoe the stach

supernatural was on
an i think the shapeshifter
stole my mom's body



I don't understand how difficult it is for people to answer a simple question.  When I ask you, "What is your address?"  Please don't tell me some back story about how you know your mom's aunt's daughter's brother might have been the one to leave you a voicemail.

How fucking hard is it for you to actually take the 6 seconds and listen to the question I'm asking so that you may respond correctly?  Oh that's right.  You like the sound of your own voice far too much to shut your trap so I can help you.  If that's the case...THERE'S THE FUCKING DOOR.