End of spring roadtrip 2k10!!!!

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This is the adventure that Jill and I will be embarking on mid-May.  It should take us 12 days...where I'll be flying home.  We have places to stay most of our trip, however...we still need possible floors, couches, open lawn areas in Madison, WI and Chicago.  So if anyone knows anybody with a place to stay, or has a friend of a friend who doesn't mind having awesomeness crash on their floor, please let me know!!!  I mean...I plan on hitting up Mr. Chi City and letting him know that Jill and I are booshie hood chicks who go for that Arizona Iced Tea.  Perhaps write him a quick email.  For those of you who don't know who Mr. Chi City is...


We also have goals set out for this trip.  One of them being to do karaoke in a state where no one knows who we are at a bar where we can make fools of ourselves and dance the night away.  Yes...I said dance.  I will be trying to perfect my sweet moves on this trip as well.  This means my knee's gotta get up to par!!!  Time to get back on that bicycle!!!!


It was a New Jersey kind of week...

This week my NJ bff was in town.  He's amazing, of course.  I mean...he IS my NJ BFF!!!!!!  I flew down to LA on Wednesday and drove up to Sacramento with him.  That night we ended up at Cheaters where people were stamped, songs were sung and pieces of art were explained.  BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!!!!

Thursday we hung out in Sacramento.  We hung out at my folk's place, got Sandra Dee's, got trashed at Cheaters, saw what some of our fair city has to offer and rode motos until bolts fell off. Literally.

Friday we hit up Santa Cruz.  We tried to go to the mystery spot, but all we saw was this:

There were people in there, but we had just missed out on the last tour of the day.  We left the spot of mystery and headed over to FU Tattoo and visited with Nick Vargas (another wonderful human being).  We chat, I discussed possibly heading back down in June, we left for coffee.  Because I'm an addict.  After wondering around the also closed boardwalk, we hit up the pier and peeped some seals.  I talked to my cousin and we met up with her for dinner at Saturn Cafe before heading back to Sacramento for more adventures.

Today we woke up a little late and headed out to San Francisco.  We saw the Japanese Tea Gardens, I possibly got peeped by some girl with short hair and a lot of tattoos, and then we went to Haight Ashbury for people watching.  After getting some punch from Hobson's inside Nicholas and Brandorz, we walked around a bit.  Eventually we headed back to the car and did some sight seeing while driving around.  A quick trip to Ben Sherman and we headed home to grab yogurt and a Black Velvet from Bonn Lair.  It's sleepy time now, as Nicholas has got to wake up early to hit the road back towards San Diego, a whale's vagina, to catch his flight home.

And for whatever reason I can't get this song out of my head:


Party time

Yesterday I flew down to LA to drive back up with my NJ BFF Mr. Nicholas Terzulli.  We had lunch at Doughboys and got coffee at Intelligentsia before we started the drive up.  We made it an hour before Garmin said we would and we immediately set in to a game of Dr. Mario.  Big time party-er's at our house!!!  We ended up leaving and going to meet some friends who were doing karaoke and ended the night at Cheaters.  Nicholas was in incredibly adorable form as was Brandorz.  Both of them were pretty hammered.  I wish I had video or could remember half of the things either one of them said.  I was referred to as Peanut by the end of the night.  It was a good day!


Museum of Tolerance

I got an email saying work was offering a free...FREE trip down to LA.  So the second I found out I immediately called Alissa and we both emailed the person putting the event together.  We got our names in and next thing we knew, we were on a plane to Los Angeles, landing, ditching everyone in our group and getting cupcakes like fat kids.  I needed, NEEDED an Elvis (peanut butter, banana and nuts).


The night we got in, we met up with Dean and Maria and they took us out to dinner.  Freaking DELICIOUS.  We went to Thai food...a place called Toi where we ordered enough for a small army and fell in love with larb.  We had amazing food AND amazing company.  We were lucky girls that night.

The trip was to see the Museum of Tolerance.  The museum itself was awesome, but I wish we had more time to look around.  We had a workshop or two that I didn't care as much about, but we did get to speak with a Holocaust survivor.  Her name is Eva Brown and she told us she doesn't cry when she tells the story because no one wants to see a big crying baby.  She made us laugh at little parts of her story.  She was amazing.


How do I not own this?!??!

Because it's probably one of the most amazing things I've seen in a while.  Thank you Etsy.


Roommate award

This is a post I apparently started to write October 26th of last year:

Today I took the best roommate award and broke it over my knee because no one else will come as close as I did today.

I was getting a pedicure today and while I was sitting in the chair getting my feets taken care of, I saw some chick walk in that B might be interested in.  So what do I do?  I listen and get her name, then I take pictures all secret agent style and ship them off.  Then...I get this ridic request for n00dz and I tell him to make due with what I've provided and stalk her via facebook/myspace/linkedin/imacrazyinterwebzstalkerandalreadyknowallaboutyou.com


My beer of choice

After a long bicycle ride. Like father. Like daughter.