Costa Rica...

Is pretty awesome.

Volcanos.  Ziplines.  Rain forrests.  Beaches.

I don´t want to go home.  Lucky I still have 4 nights.



As of tomorrow morning at 5:30am I will be without a cell phone for just over one week. I won't lie...I'm looking forward to being without a phone. I know, I know. Bullshit! But you're wrong. I LOVE the idea of being unavailable. Especially while I'm in another country. I'll probably still check email, but I may give that up for the week too.

If I get Pompeii'd...remember to come visit. I mean, I'll be there for ETERNITY...you have no excuse NOT to.

If I survive the zip lining, the volcano and sleeping in an AWESOME airplane hotel...I promise to come home with a bazillion photos. Amazing ones. And hopefully underwater sea turtle riding ones.

This will be my first trip outside North America and I cannot explain how hyped I am.