We bought a house!!!!!

This is Grant and my pseudo mid century home! Built in 1976, it has the open floor plan we were looking for and better yet, it has a sunken living room with a conversation pit surrounding the fire place. It needs some work, but I love it more each day we're there.

We are going to be taking that awful wood paneling off the wall and the floor in the living room will eventually be wood. Our new hutch/credenza was acquired from MKRetro. It probably won't end up in this spot in the future, but for now it definitely works!!! The rug is leather shag and it looks and feels AMAZING!!!! We're obviously still in the market for a few more chairs, so let me know if you come across any!!!

This one is still getting used to the new house, but loves her new little brother who is obviously unaware that the new house is any different from his last.


Good things are happening!

First off...

This happened. We got a wonderful little kitten who we've named Baby Goose. He has a wonky eye, but is completely wonderful. He's pretty dog like for being a kitten and him and Ella get along wonderfully!!!!

We've also decided to purchase a home! We should be able to move in to it in a few days and we are both extremely excited! Our house was built in 1976 and has a sunken living room and exposed beams. I won't be posting pictures of it right away because it's fairly crappy right now, but as we fix things I will definitely be posting before and afters!