He PURRS!!!!!

This little gem of a pirate cat actually purrs!!! This is phenomenal. This past week he's finally been extremely sweet, not hissing at us each time we approach and letting us pet him. He's come out of the crate a couple times, while still being held and I think he's getting used to the idea that this is his new home. Also that we are his new family.

This morning when I got home from work, I did the usual...put my stuff down, got Ella and sent her outside to use the bathroom, sent her back to the bedroom to get her beauty rest, then grabbed a couple treats for Odin to see if that will teach him we're here for good things, not just bad ones. It took a bit before he'd take the treat, but as he has before...he gently gets a hold of the treat with his tongue, then swallows it whole, barely chewing. Soon after he took the second treat, I reached in to pet him. Usually he keeps his head down low, but this time he stretched his neck out and let me get in under his chin. Then the world stop. My eyes filled with tears of happiness and this bastard one eyed cat started purring. At me.

I ran in to the bedroom, woke Grant from his slumber to tell him the news. He was sleepy...so he said he'd take my word for it and to make sure this wasn't some sort of fluke, I came back out to pet him again. And he purred. Again. Like a Christmas fucking miracle.

I took a voice recording for Grant, just in case it never happens again though!!!!


Cat update!!

Since I've last updated, quite a few things have happened. Most importantly, we have changed Lucky's name to Odin. It's incredibly fitting. He's cranky, thinks he knows everything, and obviously...only has one eye.

So here he is before we got his stitches out:

Immediately after the removal of the cone of shame:

The way he looks every time we open the door to go hang out with him:

And when we pet him, immediately following the hissing:

And today when Grant drug him out of his crate to torture him by holding him:

And then...

He ran back in to his crate.

Overall, he is doing really well and adjusting to his living situation. Unfortunately we will be acclimating him to his new brother and sister one week from today. He'll still be in his crate for another 3-5 weeks, but his crate will be moved in to the living room. I'm sure he'll be miserable for a while. Hopefully he'll realize it is in his best interest!!!