Lion tank

Knee is feeling good. It got a little swollen the other day, but
after a lot of ice it's mostly gotten back to normal. I'm staying
positive that recovery will keep on track.

I watched baseball yesterday. No one else was around. Made me feel
like daddy's little girl.

I rode my bicycle the other day. I didn't fall, which was a pleasant
surprise. It felt AMAZING. It was a good workout and my knee didn't
catch once. I think it's my new favorite activity. Besides, I'm on a
SWEET bike. I can't wait to be tooling around town on it. For rehab
AND to be on track for getting into "shape?"

I hope to one day have tins as epic as this. And a helmet to match.

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Nate B. said...

You should sport the lion helmet on your bicycle in addition to your motorcycle.