This weekend

I got to hang out with Mercedes and her guinea pigs today.  This is Basil.

Has been ridiculous.  It's been a busy, busy 2 days.  Dinner tomorrow night at my folk's place.  I get to pick up my cousins and get some quality time.  It's late and Alissa just reminded me I have physical therapy tomorrow at 10.  Oops!

Dennis Lee brought my bicycle to the house.  The doctor said I can ride a bike so long as I don't fall off!!!  Hopefully I'll get some miles in soon.  Brandorz and I took a quick trip around the block earlier today.  It felt good and my knee didn't catch, not once.

And here's a picture of Brandorz "fixing" his tail light.  MacGyver.

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Kevin said...

What happened to his light now?