Dreams are coming to life

And not just mine.  It seems other peoples dreams are moving right along as well.

For example.  Our entire household became ordained ministers today.  We are now able to marry people.  Perhaps all 3 of us will do weddings where each of us participates.  I think that would probably be most ideal.

Also today was topped off with another story and me remembering that Brother sent me the entire Booya video.  He's a wonderful person who I am proud to be related to more and more each and every day.

I spent some time up in Auburn today and there was SNOW!!!!!!!  I also spent the past 2 nights convincing my roommates to go to the bar so I could get Shirley T's.


Kevin said...

Hmmm...we may have to have one of you marry us...?

Rijel said...

One of us? More like ALL of us.