My first robot arrived!!!!!!

And it's amazing!  I'm looking at him as I type this and he's WONDERFUL!!!!  It was a nice surprise to see a package from Adam D sitting in my mailbox!!!!!  I'd post a picture...but he's a present and I'd hate to spoil it!

Today was spent in San Francisco with shopping with Katie and Brandon.  We arrived at the Bay Bridge at 4:40pm.  We soon realized if we pulled off for a few, we could make carpool and save $4!!!  Since traffic was so heavy, we decided to play a fun game where we let EVERYONE who wanted, merge and zipper in front of us so we'd be further back and waste time.  We got a little too close for comfort and we just pulled over to the side where Brandon pretended to be on his phone making a call (since he was driving and technically it's illegal to drive with a handheld phone).

We finally saw the carpool lane open up.  And it opened up 6 lanes to the left of where we were, in completely stopped traffic.  Oops!!!!  So we made Brandon maneuver us all the way over and we got to the lane JUST before the lane separators started!!!  Phwew!

We hit up a few stores and got a couple gifts.  Thanks to me being all handicapped and what not, parking was free and it wasn't as crazy as I expected it to be.  We picked up our friend Vince and went to some delicious place that had friend plantains with bean sauce.  I fell in love.

On the way home we stopped by Candy Cane Lane in Vacaville to take in all the beautiful Christmas lights.  It was a good day.

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