Winter wonderland!

After a quick trip to my folks place to grab a sleeping bag and
whatever goods Jeannie Mae decided we needed to take, we're at In-N-
Out to settle our tum tums before we really hit the road!!! It's about
10pm, so we should get to the pretty stuff right around sunrise!

Before we even hit Baxter a we were putting chains on and continued
with 'em until almost the Nevada state line. It was slow going, but
crazy white and super beautiful. We don't mind the slow going since
neither of us has agenda.

It's about 4am and we're almost in Winnemucca and I think we straddled
a turtle who was sitting on the white line! Yikes!!!!!! We're both
still awake and going strong! We're gonna be tiiiiiiired dudes when we
finally sleep!!!

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Kevin said...

Dorks. Have fun! :)