Xmas Eve roommate ride

Brandon brought his new ironhead home the other day, which makes 3 bikes at our house.  What goes perfect with 3 bikes?  3 riders.

Once I woke up on Christmas Eve we all opened our gifts and peeped our stockings.  Brandon was checking the headlight on the sporty and we all decided we should go to breakfast.  Then we all decided we should RIDE to breakfast.  This was our first time riding together, each of us on our own bikes.

After taking 9823475028752849275 hours to get Brandon's bike kicked over, we all headed over to Fox & Goose.  It was pretty sweet riding in a lone wolf pack of three.  Brandon's bike was shitty in first and I got stuck at a red light.  For once Suzi was running pretty well, she must've liked the weather.  We took the long way too.  On purpose of course.  How would we get lost on a grid?  Yeah.  We wouldn't.

On the way home we took the busier streets and hit the heavier traffic (so like 10 cars on the road instead of 4).  We were on one of our main one way streets, 3 lanes wide with a red light and a few cars stopped in front of us.  When we would come to a stop, we'd be 2 - 3 cars back.  Brandon's a bit up ahead and I see him turn to look at me and I can see him smiling through his helmet.  I smirked and knew what he was doing.  He went to the right of the middle lane and I went to the left and we split the lanes to meet at the crosswalk.  In true Alissa style, she was right behind B.

Alissa was welcomed to a little bit of my favorite game: Shoot the Gap.

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