There are

far too few hours in a day for me to be able to keep this thing updated.  I sure do miss the life of a handi at times!  But then again...I can walk now, so it's not a bad deal.

Work has been busy, which keeps me busy, which makes me happy.  The only bad part is adjusting to this schedule.  I'm WAY grumpy when I get off work.  Hopefully that'll get fixed by next week at the latest!  Or perhaps people should just send me silly text messages at 6pm my time so it'll brighten up the entire day.  Pictures of kittens, puppies, turtles, sombreros, or food will do the trick.  K.  Thanks.

My first day back at work I was helping some ghetto thug-ish hispanic kid (by kid I mean like 22ish).  He needed to sign some paperwork for me, so I slid the form under the glass.  I take his cash and do my thing at the register and when I sat back down he'd only pushed the paper halfway through the glass.  He and his friend were giggling.  Just as I reach for the form, he pulls it back towards him, pretends to write on the paper and mumbles, "Awww, yeah...I'mma just gonn write my number for you here."  He giggles as he says this and even though I hear him pretty clearly, I do what any normal person would do.

"Pardon?  What was that?" I asked loud enough for my partner who was about 10 feet away to kind of jump back at the volume.

Homeboy turns bright red, looks at his friend in embarrassment and says, "Oh, um. Nothing?"

I handed his paperwork back to him with a giant smile on my face and wished him a fantastic day and he slunk out of the lobby.

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Kevin said...

you're mean.