Stupid blog via email

Apparently all the text I tried to upload along with that picture of
Brandon didn't go through. Now I just look like a super creeper
posting a photo of him AS my entire blog post. Not that I'm NOT a
creep lurker...just not on Brandon.

Anyway...we're in Idaho. The place we stayed last night was mad swank
and pretty legit. All modern vintage appeal and a creepy bathroom door
that would have been amazing under COMPLETELY different circumstances.

After coffee, we're headed back to California in my car, which looks
amazing and brand new. The guy who owned the body shop was a major
sweetheart and totally awesome. We've driven a little over 70 miles
around Boise since I got it back and things seem in perfect working
order so far. Hopefully it'll maintain that once we get on the freeway
headed home.

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