After surgery amazingness pt. 2

How was surgery?

I miss you.
Here's a shapeshifyer on the kooseand they're gonna get me

Hahahahaha! That's hilarious! Miss you!

Why aren't you online? Iow do j hey my grutxhes?

I will go online later, and I bet you're feeling really good!

U have a double chin and I can see it
I'm trying to cdeod chat with Brandon
And I can see hmthr I have like 5 chins
It's awful

Ummm. Idinnoif baand is bringing myceitches


I nee crutcheshbbbbbbn

Oh crutches!

That's what I sad!!!!

I need to Take off thisprotectiln. ISA yyo smell your face.

Not drunk on alcohol!!!!!
Risky from the mess!

Horatio cane is the worst. They bneed to take him off tv. Andhustjeave is glasses o
His look is the worry that's why I had to change it. Supernatural now. With a gin and 7th heaven

I heart Jessica Beil.

She is a babe shedid JT and got naked in a movie sorry of

Yeah. Hot.

Yeah. Of I were a boy I'd thru to slide it in for sire.

Me too! Lol  How's your knee?

It's phat. Pretty hot and tempting.
I need totals this dumb xcreenprotectoroff it's awful
I think Brandin needs to bring me myceitches

Nice. Are you done now? Or do you go back in again?

Mom says one more. Dad says he didn't say that. I don't rmemeber taking to anyone except the angel that maenads me tea
NY eyes are heavy
But tv is on. Howdi I resist that !?!!????

I bet! Lol get some rest dork.

Is itcause you tole her to eat a dick? 
And now she's hungry?

uiour'43 supposed to be my sebt friend

i have a aawlker only
and it sucks
i'm not 893452 years old
why the fuck do i need a walker?!???!?!?!?!?!

i need pinecones
cun you bring my brutches

you whine
you're hte wordst

i thought your dad took your internet away!

he tried
i condtested
and said
no white man
i lose the interet
you lsoe the stach

supernatural was on
an i think the shapeshifter
stole my mom's body

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