Museum of Tolerance

I got an email saying work was offering a free...FREE trip down to LA.  So the second I found out I immediately called Alissa and we both emailed the person putting the event together.  We got our names in and next thing we knew, we were on a plane to Los Angeles, landing, ditching everyone in our group and getting cupcakes like fat kids.  I needed, NEEDED an Elvis (peanut butter, banana and nuts).


The night we got in, we met up with Dean and Maria and they took us out to dinner.  Freaking DELICIOUS.  We went to Thai food...a place called Toi where we ordered enough for a small army and fell in love with larb.  We had amazing food AND amazing company.  We were lucky girls that night.

The trip was to see the Museum of Tolerance.  The museum itself was awesome, but I wish we had more time to look around.  We had a workshop or two that I didn't care as much about, but we did get to speak with a Holocaust survivor.  Her name is Eva Brown and she told us she doesn't cry when she tells the story because no one wants to see a big crying baby.  She made us laugh at little parts of her story.  She was amazing.

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