I should have known

today wasn't going to be the greatest.  First sign: immediately when I got to work, I spilled an entire 20 oz. tea all over the kitchen.  Oops.

I'm still a whiny little dirty word and am still sore.  My quads no longer ache, now it's just my silly knee.

My plan was to start working on old projects and I've yet to do so.  I have a new cousin to craft for and twins that need blankets.  This month is going to be taxing.  Besides being busy most every weekend, there are 6 birthdays that I can think of off the top of my head.  Yikes.  Now to remember to have things shipped on time and ordered/made in time.  That's why I have a calendar, right?  Maybe I should put it to better use.

My bird shoes, by Tiffany Turner

There should be more of these in my future.  And hang time with TifferFace.

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