Running with the cattle.

I've been in Texas a solid 3 days now and the heat hasn't been all that bad. I thought for sure I'd have decided Texas was only made to punish people.

Instead I've gotten to see wonderful things like this:

The cattle were pretty amazing, as was the grass knoll and the Sixth Floor Museum!!!! I'm becoming a fan of Dallas, but not of Dallas heat.


Christmas in August

I started this project back in November 2009. I thought it would be a GREAT idea for a Christmas present that year. Well...it turned out to be more of a project than expected and I was FINALLY able to complete it and ship it off the it's amazing recipient last week. Here's what I based it off:

And this is what I did:

Here's a closer view:

I'm extremely proud. After I was about 2-3 weeks in to this project I stopped working on it because I was afraid it would turn out the way I envisioned in my head. It turned out exactly the way I'd hoped. Even the frame turned out exactly as I wanted.

I'd say my embroidery has come along way since I was 10:

Dad rode 70 miles

This is his mighty steed. He hit Oroville around 6:30 last night and he didn't seem all that sure about today's ride!!! He said he looked at the map and today's route is pretty much all up hill. And by hill I mean mountain. I'm confident he'll make it no prob.

For me, I'm headed to Texas for the weekend. I'm going to be busy watching soccer, eating Whataburger and going to the dueling paino bar.

Also...I'm buuuuuummed I couldn't find a good reason to get the Jet Blue fly anywhere for a month free deal. If I was still working weekends I'd have been all over it!!!


70 miles a day, 4 days straight

Don't be silly...not me.  But my dad will be starting on his bike ride from Rio Linda to Oroville to Quincy and back tomorrow morning.  He's nutty, but I know he can do it.  He's a bicycling fool.

Amazing mustache!

A cribbage fool...not so much.  I kicked his ass earlier.  I skunked him.  I beat his ass so hard he actually posed for this photo:

Cribbage and skunks


I found this little guy lying in the street yesterday. Yikes. I think he had a worse day than I did.


Ashland and Portland

Today's events included Lithia Park

Duck butts, chocolates

A graveyard

Vegan tamales

An AMAZING hotel

VooDoo Doughnuts

And amazing coffee

Amber's birthday road trip

This is our road trip totem:

Thank you Lady Jillington and Alli!!!!

It'll be making it's way in to Oregon today. Time for Ashland and Portland today!!!


My latest obsession...



The Sharpie Liquid Pencil.  What's that you say?  A liquid pencil?  YES!!!!  It erases and dries permanently in a day...or three.  Regardless to say, I'm in love.

I called the local Walgreens, but they didn't have any in stock.  My mission after work today is to locate and purchase one or 3 of these.  I'm in love and haven't even used one yet.

Oh yeah...and last night's showing of Step Up 3D was 


Sympathy pirates

I felt bad. So did Grant apparently. So we tried to make Brandorz feel better.

I think if anything could make him feel better, THIS would.

And it did.


Brandon headbutt a narwhal

And these are the results:

Brandon's black eye

Brandon's black eye

Brandon's black eye

My advice:

Don't do it again.


I got this

Today from Bother and Sister. It definitely put a smile on my face
and made me remember how much I ABSOLUTELY love my family. Yeah...I
know. This is a little too mushy gushy for some...even for me. I
usually hate this "oh I love everyone" crap. Oh well...you'd be
stoked if someone in your family gave you a rose and a card.
Hell...I'd be stoked if this came from some creepy stalker even. Not
that that wasn't a *hint* or anything...


August = no fast food month

Starting today I'll be avoiding fast food until September.  This should prove to be exceptionally hard due to all the traveling I'll be doing this month.  ESPECIALLY since I've already planned on hitting up Whataburger while I'm in Texas.  Yikes!!!!

Maybe in September I can just have my friend send me some so that way I can avoid eating any giagantic burgers while I'm there!!!!

I'm pretty sure I'll be out of the running by the end of the week.  Mostly based on the fact that I don't really go grocery shopping and that I don't pack lunches for work.  I'll keep it updated though.