Shoes for sale!!!!!

First pair is Nine West, size 8. About a 2 1/2 inch heel or so. Only worn out of the house 2 times. Otherwise I've walked around the house in them once or twice to do important things, like dishes. I paid about $50, so I'll sell them for $10. They're well worth it and in EXCELLENT condition.  SOLD!



This pair is actually a size 7 1/2, but they fit like an 8. They've got a baby heel on 'em. They're American Eagle...Payless style. Still have the tags on 'em! $5  SOLD!



This pair is the exact same as the one above, but in black. Also $5.  SOLD!



A pair of Target brand Mossimo shoes. Wedge heel. Passes for a vintage look with your sweet cherry dress and makes dark jeans look GOOD. These pictures make them look shitty, but they're in great condition, only worn out of the house twice. $5.



I don't know what brand these even are. I mean, I can read...but I've never really seen these before. I got them because they seemed like decent "interview" shoes. They're actually incredibly comfortable and I only ended up wearing them to one interview. Got the job too!!!! So extra luck comes with these slightly ugly long shoes! $5



Another pair of Payless brand shoes. NEVER been worn. I don't even remember trying these bad boys on! $5  SOLD!



These guys have been worn a bit more and it shows a little on the toe. They're definitely a sold size 8, but they're BC shoes and pretty comfy (hence the wear)! $5 SOLD!


Need a pair of low wedge peep toes?!?!?! Here's your pair! Target brand Mossimo, never worn. Literally. Maybe I should take a picture of the sole too because they're immaculate. $5



Next up, a pair of Maddens. Pretty cute, never wore 'em. They fit more like a 7 3/4 than an 8. $5



Want to be a ballerina? No? Want to PRETEND to be a ballerina?!?!?! Then these may be it! A pair of Aldo's. They've been worn, but definitely not abused. I think I might even have the leather lace up around the leg straps for these too. $5



And last but not least, AWESOME Reeboks. I've had 'em a few years and they're in really good condition...especially for a pair of tennis shoes. I've worn them no more than 10 times in the past 10 years. $10



Any questions, please ask!!!!


allison said...

those ones sixth done from payless are SO CUTE. im not sure an 8 would fit me (since 75% of the time I'm an 8.5)

Jess Kahele said...

Rijel, you're selling more shoes than I own, haha. :) I really like those ballerina shoes! If nobody else snatches them up, I will! I am a size 8. :)

JennLynn said...

I LOVE the Reeboks...are they a size 8 as well? I normally wear a 7 1/2. They are all really cute shoes.

Rijel said...

Jess - I'll keep that in mind for sure!!!!

Jenn - the Reeboks are closer to a 7 1/2 then an actual 8 anyway!