This is Astro. He's our other roommate. He's way too large for a regular couch, so we have an oversized one.


Puppy love

These two couldn't be happier together today.

Well, Astro could do without Ella cleaning his face....

But they're pretty happy.


This is how it went...

That's Grant's and my super excited face. I know, he doesn't look too excited. But, you can see his teeth, which means he was stoked!

We made sure to hit the key rides. First order of business, Hollywood Tower of Terror!!!!!!! Then we made it to the Toy Story ride in California Adventure.

We then went straight to Disneyland to hop on the Haunted Mansion! The only ride we didn't end up making it to was the Matterhorn, but it can wait til next time!

We made sure to get all the "video game" rides too! Yeah...I know. I lost. But, it's a video game that's not Dr. Mario, so I didn't expect much!

We even made sure to make it to the Lego store!

Grant ate a lot of Mickey ears.

And gave me his angry face when I wanted to take a photo with some aliens instead of looking at some silly Star Wars Disneyland memorabilia.

He also showed off his gigantic muscles for me!!!!

And his girl pose...

Our trip was awesome! And I think Grant had a great time for his first time ever at Disneyland!


Freaking Disneyland!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow will be Grant's first time at Disneyland. Ever. In his life. He's even lived in California his whole life. I know, it's devastating that this will be the first time. However, it will be amazing.

This might be the first you're hearing of Grant, or G$ as I like to call him...so let me introduce you:

Meet Grant. Don't worry, although I know that cat-ritto looks delicious, he's a vegetarian. So they made him a tofu shaped cat-ritto instead.