8 days of straight shopping...

And I've been fortunate enough to only make one purchase. So if anyone wants me to find random hard-to-find items, let me know. If you want it and you have an idea about it...I will do my absolute best to find it. I'd like to have a "purpose" while I'm sitting on the internet for an embarrassing amount of time a day.

50 degrees of flex is gnar gnar. It stretches the stitches and skin and makes everything fell all tight. It's definitely getting more difficult just sitting at that machine. Katie came over for a quick minute today to say good-bye before she headed off with her crazy schedule. I was able to take my third shower since surgery (score!). Chris also came over and brought some dvd's and his good company. Kip Barry and Scotty also made an appearance to bring me tacos and talk belt buckles with the 'rents.

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Kevin said...

Find me crazy obscure Honda belt buckles. :) None that say goldwing though. Those are lame. lol

Tell your folks the kids love their presents. Sadly, Sydney's didn't fit, but she loves her gingerbread man ornament! :) There was a gift receipt in there so we're going to try and see if we can exchange hers for one that fits. Emre LOVES his snowman too! hehe that was the first thing Sydney saw when I walked in..."Presents!"