55 degrees, 35 to go!!!!

I sat around doing 50 degrees of flex for a half hour today when I woke up uber late. I moved on to 55 degrees and it seriously felt like my kneecap was going to rip the seams of my stitches and shoe through. It hurt. Not bad enough to take any meds. Now it just achees.

I think my stitches are starting to heal because this ish is starting to become dry and itchy. I mean...I want to scratch the stitches out and dig under the steri-strips. I leave it alone though. I have my post-op on Tuesday. I hope they'll tell me I'm making good progress and I'm right on track of what they expect to see.

Today cousin Cyndi came by with Callee and they painted my toes a beautiful dark red. It brightens my spirits to look down and see a shaven leg and painted toesies. No pity parties here!!!! What also puts me in a good mood are phone calls from dear friends that actually have substance. I think I got about 3 or 4 of those today. And of course, my parents = own it. They're hands down the most amazing people I have ever met.

On a non-knee note, I'm getting very excited about Nigel. I've been looking at sites and photos and it's painful that he's so close to being finished. At this point it doesn't matter much, I'm looking at about 3 months before I can even think of riding...let alone kicking over my own bike. Two knees, two knees.

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Kevin said...

Shoot for the stars!! Three knees, three knees! :) Let's see 65 degrees today! Step it up! hahaha kidding.