Day 2?

Surgery yesterday. Got out of the hospital and home by 7 last night. They put some sort of shot in my leg and now the whole thing is numb!!! I can feel my toesies, but not my thigh or much of anything else on my leg. I'm braced up and good to go. I feel like I can use my leg to walk around on (since it's all numb) but I'm not. I'm keeping off it like I need to.

I thought for sure I'd be pretty messed up when I got out of surgery (especially since my surgery 2 months ago I threw up multiple times the first night home). This time I was able to wake up fairly quickly after I got to the post op room. I also felt totally fine. No nausea, no headache, no pain. I also sent a few text messages that didn't make any sense...maybe I'll go through and post some of those later. After going through a few...they prove to be slightly entertaining. I think now quite a few of my friends know how I would be drunk. I also made some amazing facebook posts that involved me thinking I got jizz in my hair while I was under. Pretty awesome.

I went to bed last night/this morning around 6:30...waking up at 8:30 and not being tired. Hence the blog update.

In other news...I get a CPM machine for my leg. I think it's supposed to be delivered today and I'm to use it for 8 hours a day. I'm not at work but still have 8 hours devoted to something else! Crazy.

They said I only have to leave this bandage on for 72 hours...then I can shower and check out my war wound. I hope it's big and gnar gnar like they promised. I'll be pretty bummed if it's some baby incision again. Especially with all the hype.

Best news about this: doctor said I should be able to PLAY SOCCER AFTER THIS IS OVER. Brother, watch your back. I will annihilate you!!!!!

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Kevin said...

You're a kook. I want to see these text messages you speak of.