Bobby Womack is my new DCFC

And I'm going to apologize now because about 10 minutes before I started writing this I took 2 pills as opposed my normal 1 pill. The pain wasn't getting any better...and usually when I go to sleep I'm still uncomfortable. I decided before I went to bed tonight I didn't want to wake up 10 times in 8 hours. So if this post goes awry, I'm sorry.

I interrupted my usual activity of going through personal ads on Craigslist (and sending them to unsuspecting friends and family members) to update this. I didn't want the 4 or 5 people who read this when they get to work (or home from it) to be disappointed with my lack of posts this weekend. This weekend in summary: Brandon's working his way back on to the "good friend" list (he finally brought me Opa! Opa!), my cousin Cyndi and our soon-to-be cousin Debbie stopped by to purchase a diaper bag from my ridiculously talented mother (you can too!!!!! Just visit: www.thecartbag.com) and I watched far to many teen-pop sensation films. I literally watched 4 really bad movies in a row today...all shown on ABC Family network (that should give you an idea of how terrible they were).

Who the FUCK posts pictures of their face along with their junk on CL anyway!???! Seriously...at some point someone who KNOWS YOU will see that. And then they will do exactly what I would do...and forward it to all of your friends and family members. Then they will print it up and hopefully no one that it was forwarded to works with you, because if they did it would end up in your cubicle/on your desk. I would like to know how it seemed like a good idea in the first place. What were they thinking when they uploaded those pictures...both those pictures? It's not like it's an incredibly quick process...I mean, you take the picture, upload it to your computer, go to CL to post it, then add your photos, then go to your EMAIL TO APPROVE IT. Somewhere...along steps 4 or 5, I would think they would stop and think "am I really this desperate?" Seriously...if you're going to do that...just go pick up a hooker. I hear 33rd & 3rd...or Watt Ave. near 80 are really good places for that.

Back to Craigslist to find sweet pervs and random dudes "looking for love in all the wrong places..." Seriously? Get real. If you want babes to respond to your ad instead of just bots, get a better title.

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Kevin said...

That's rad.

Thanks for the post. :) I'm glad you didn't update all weekend. I need to get some work done and I would be reading forever if you had posted Sat and Sun too. lol

I'm going to the DMV today to get your bike legit. BlaDOW!

We made rougly $360 at our garage sale this weekend...crazy.