Pachuca Sunrise...

How appropriate is this song right now? Minus the whole...being in the Mediterranean thing. It's light blue outside right now and I can see bits of white clouds through the slivers the curtains haven't managed to hide. It's 6 and I'm still awake. Woot? Maybe? I can't tell if this is a good thing or not. I'm going to assume it's not bad.

I did 7 hours on the machine today. I also got out of the house today. Jill came over around noon and brought Confessions of a Shopaholic. Worst.Movie.Ever. Okay, maybe not ever...but it was terrible. Really, really bad. Not going to lie though, I'd probably watch it again. After Jill had gone home I took a little nappy nap (yup, I slept!!! Gimme a break, I woke up at 11!!) and Alissa showed up to hang out for a bit. Around 7:30 Scotty showed up and we met Jill at the drive-in to watch Funny People. This movie = not funny. I mean, it had it's funny parts, but overall the movie just wasn't good. Lucky for us, the second feature film was The Hangover!!! Jill and I have already seen the movie, but Scotty hadn't. After Funny People it was pretty freaking late though and he's an old guy...had to get home to take out his dentures or something. Just kidding!!! But it really was late, Jill and I didn't get out of there and home until about 2 am.

Funny little story...when Scotty got to the house, my mom handed him a bag and told him, "Hi, her blanket, sweater and snacks are in here. She's got her meds, her brace and some money." It felt like the first day of school all over again. My mom's so fantastic!!!

In knee news, I'm at 90 degrees of flexion!!! It still feels a little tight, but I'll be at 90 degrees for the next week or so. They want me to be able to do 90 with no probs. I also got the "go ahead" on starting to strengthen my quadriceps. I remember they didn't really want me doing my quad exercises right when I got home, which was strange to me since every other surgery I've had so far it was the very first thing they had me do. Since this surgery is still fairly new and not regularly practiced, they wanted me to just get on the machine and only do that because walking isn't the goal at this point...forming and healing the cartilage is. I've got my fingers crossed that I'll have voluntary quad movement again in the next week or so. Being able to lift my leg without using my hands seems like such a small, but important and exciting victory.


Kevin said...



Your new bike is sweet. :)

Nate B. said...

Don't you hate it when a movie just has a few funny parts, WHEN IT'S A COMEDY!!!! And they show those precious few funny moments in the trailer so you think the movie is gonna be good. Can you tell I was a victim of this recently? I still haven't seen the hangover yet. Heard great things about it too.