First day back at home

Being home for an entire day was pretty sweet. Alissa came home from work last night and took me grocery shopping. Right when we got back she made cheesecake and today when she got off work she made me a late dinner. Apparently she became amazingly domestic while I was gone. Score!

I made it out of the house for a couple hours today to watch Brother and Brandon play soccer. Dad showed up and delivered a few things I had forgotten at their house and to watch his son's team lose terribly. By the time I made it home my leg was all purple and slightly swollen. I think I need to ice it more and try to get this swelling thing under control, even though the doctor said it's not uncommon for the knee to still be swollen...even this late in the game.

Brandon decided he wanted to see how sitting in the machine was, so he did a few minutes and decided it's not too bad. I don't think he'd like being in it for 6-8 hours a day though. While he was in the machine, I was doing some strengthening exercises out of the machine (part of my rehab). One of the exercises I do is pretty much the same thing the machine does for me, only I use my own muscles to bend and straighten my leg (which is actually really difficult for me). As I was bringing my knee up, I think I probably made a good 115 degrees of flexion or so, I was looking at my knee and I hear a POP and see part of my knee kind of loosen near one of the dimples. A STITCH BROKE. I doubt it's bad and it's an internal stitch, but it felt weird and freaked me the fuck out. I got a little apprehensive to continue with those exercises right away, but once I realized I wasn't a wuss and started the exercises again it looks like I have more flexion. It's also not as tight and straining in that area of my knee. But it was still fuckin' scary when it happened.

Perhaps I'll take pictures tomorrow and compare to see if I can tell the stitches popped.


Kevin said...

Yikes! That would freak me out too. Did you call the doctor just to make sure?

Rijel said...

Definitely didn't call the doctor. I'm keeping with the "ignorance is bliss" theme right now. I'm pretty sure the stitches would normally dissolve anyway, I'm just helping it along a little maybe. :)