2 party nights in 1 weekend?

Perhaps I think I have 2 usable legs. I'm extremely surprised I got out both Friday and Saturday nights. I can already tell I'm going to need some real time to recover. My body is exhausted. Tonight was a rock party with rock band with people in rock garb! There was almost too much rock to handle!!! I got a little shit because I didn't "dress up" until I reminded them how rock I really am. They let me slide!

Friday I decided that I didn't need to go anywhere and that I'd stay home with my folks since I was leaving Saturday. I didn't let anyone else know because I got a phone call around 8 or so. It went like this:

Scotty: Hey, you ready?
Me: Ready? Ready for what?
Scotty: To come bar hopping with us?
Me: Umm...no. I'm not going out tonight, I'm just going to stay home.
Scotty: No you're not. We'll be there in 20.
Me: Shit. Really? I guess I'll get in the shower now then!

I figured I didn't need to shower since I literally sat around all day and hadn't had any plans to leave the house until Saturday. I was sorely mistaken. Kip, Melissa, Scotty, PJ, Andrea and I all went to The Shady Lady to see our friend that was working. It was mad fun, but there wasn't much room to sit and anyone who was sitting at a table seemed to be saving it for another group of their friends that were coming in a little later. As the night went on we saw one girl standing sort of in/around a table so Kip went to ask if she was going to be sitting there with any group of friends. Apparently she was saving the table for some "friends" that were going to be showing up "in a little bit." Kip even tried to pull the "but, hey...look, we have a handicap with us who needs to put her leg up" trick. She didn't take the bait. Seriously? Who the fuck lets a handicap suffer?! Oh...that's right, she does. I was a little sore at this chick until about 10 minutes later when her group shows up in the entourage is a guy in a wheel chair with NO LEGS. Needless to say, I didn't feel as bad. But at least the guy had a permanent place to fuckin' sit no matter where he was.

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