Sunflower cafe today

So I'm sitting here in bed, typing this before I decide to call it a night and let my head hit the feathers. My computer's sitting on my lap, but the whole thing is tilted left. Am I partially sitting on one of the many pillows on this bed? No. Has part of the bed started to sag since I've been sleeping in the same exact spot for the past 4 weeks? No. Oh wait, is my left leg obviously smaller than my right? Bingo!! Guess I'll prop my leg up a bit with a pillow so I don't have to tilt my head to match my screen. Adjusts. Much better.

I think today was the third day in a row I've gotten up before noon. Go Rijel! Alissa picked me up and we had lunch at Sunflower Cafe. I've been dreaming about a nutburger all up in my grill (that's what she said?) for the past few weeks. The one I had was every bit as delicious as I was hoping it would be. Although the chickens and roosters were running about, there weren't nearly as many lingering around as I'm used to.

For the past couple days I was trying to figure out when would be a good time for me to finally head back to my house to finish up with my recovery. I've decided to venture back to the Grid on Saturday. When my folks got home today I let them know. Mom looks at me and seemed sort of sad. She just said, "Oh. Okay, are you sure you'll be alright at home?" Dad looks sort of stunned and confused, "Well...who's going to make you tea?!" he asks. I sort of laugh, but neither him or mom are laughing with me. They looked pretty bummed that I set a date to head home.

One of my all time favorite things revisited: actually laughing out loud at something sent via AIM message.

Favorite thing said today: "I just want to get mopped off and take a nap."

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