Sleep with no brace on

I woke up fairly early (for me anyway) today. 11:10 to be precise. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be since all my efforts of going to sleep early failed. I did, however, get a mocha delivered at about noon when Nathan came to visit. I had a lot of action today for not having gone anywhere! I talked to Katie and then her mom (but about an hour or so apart) and set up a lunch date with the Vela still living in California.

Alissa came over with 17 Again and I Love You Man. 17 Again was actually better than I thought it was going to be and I liked I Love You Man quite a bit too. I realized after watching both movies that I was just shy of being a pedophile. Zac Efron's a babe in that movie and he's what? Like 20 or something. Okay, okay...I googled it just to make sure I wasn't totally pervy. Turns out I'm only slightly pervy.

Peter also made his way to the country with another movie and snacks! I was showered with Twizzlers, Reese's peanut butter cups, Sour Straws and popcorn. I only ate the Reese's tonight, I'm saving the cavities for tomorrow!

I talked to my surgeon earlier today too. He told me my progress isn't quite where he had hoped and perhaps I should get back in to see him before my next scheduled appointment. Turns out I'll be on this machine for another 4 weeks or so and will definitely have to stay off my leg until my appointment in September. He wants me to take as much time as possible to really let this thing heal. Apparently he thinks 5 surgeries is 4 too many. He had also mentioned me going to physical therapy, but I haven't received any paperwork or phone calls about seeing a physical therapist so I might be a lot further behind in rehabilitation than I thought. But on a GOOD note, he did say I no longer need to wear my gigantic brace while I sleep and when I leave the house I don't have to have the brace locked straight. I can't wait to get to sleep just so I can try out my tum tum again.

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Kevin said...

I love you man was hella funny. Melissa and I watched it in bed and it was boring for the first 30 minutes or so. RIGHT when Melissa fell asleep, it got funny and I was laughing out loud. :-D

We have a redbox at the little mini mart by our house. It's outside so we have access to movies 24/7. It's pretty cool. :)

YEY! Kevin is making a blog out of his comment! Woot!

How was sleeping on your belly, you baby.