LIke a good ol' fashioned nightmare

Or not. The day was amazing to say the least! I got my hair cut (which always makes me extremely happy), got to hang out with good friends and was out of the house for 7+ hours! My leg wasn't thrilled with me, but it didn't hate me either. I think that means I might be heading home soon, much to Brandon's dismay. He's bummed because that means he won't have the house to himself anymore; to me it just seems like now he'll know how Alissa and I feel on a regular basis.

The only thing I really had planned for the day was to get my hair cut and since I can't drive myself, I asked Brandon to pick me up and take me. He said he would and that he had a couple houses to take pictures of for work and it wouldn't take too long so I told him I'd go with him. I figured he wouldn't mind the company and I could use some sun. So we went and took pictures of 3 houses and we called Scotty. We ended up staying and talking to Scotty for an hour or so why everyone poked and touched my super sweet knee scar. Brandon ended up getting 3 more houses to take pictures of while we were at Scotty's, so we all got back in the car and took a mini road trip around Roseville. It was rumored that Kip and Melissa were headed back to Sacramento to work on the house, so we got in touch with them and ended up getting dinner and hanging out at Teriyaki Bowl for a bit. I didn't get back to the house until just after 8 and Brandon went on to tell my mom that I hijacked him. My mom laughed. How is it that a handi who can't even close her own car door, let alone drive the car hijacked him and forced him to have fun with his friends? I know how: I'm THAT good.

Knee's being bothersome, hopefully I won't need meds to sleep, I haven't had any for 3 days and counting. Oh yeah...and I saw my main man, Nigel. He's looking sexy. Dusty, but sexy.

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party time.