Atomic Fireballs

I completely forgot how much I adore that candy. Until my mom brought a bag home. Now my mouth is slightly sore. Totally worth it.

I was able to be part of Amber's Birthday Week today. Since I couldn't really go to her to celebrate, she came to me! And she brought me ice cream!!! She also brought me cards and proceeded to beat me in Skip-Bo, but I made my swift and calculated comeback and grabbed the rug from under the feet she thought she had firmly planted and kicked her ass in Phase 10. Okay, okay...it may or may not have been that good of a comeback, or that glorious of a win...but the fact is: I beat her. Man I hate losing!!

Later on the whole family came over for dinner. Mom made steam cake and we had key lime pie. If you were close enough to come get some and didn't (and don't bitch about not being invited...my mom's place is an open invitation kind of deal), you're at a major loss. Brandon came over for dinner. He had to fatten up his scrawny baby body and there's no way he's turning down a free meal, even if it means he has to drive 100 miles round trip. Lucky for me though, since he was at dinner I volunteered him to take me to get mah hurrrr did. I can't wait to clean up this mop. I won't have to blow dry my hair for at least 2 weeks.

I keep waking myself up all panicky in the middle of this dream where I jump up out of bed or off the couch without my crutches. For whatever reason my leg is fine and I can just walk around like normal and it seems like the crutches are just for show around my folks. Then I wake up panicked because I'm worried I'll wake up thinking my leg's good to go. I also keep daydreaming about RUNNING. Yeah, me. Dreaming about running. That's how I know I'm not awake. I fuggin' hate running.

Oh. And what the fuck is with Craigslist going down?!?!?! Yeah...so it wasn't very long. But that ish shouldn't happen. Ever.


Kevin said...

scrawny baby body.

Nate B. said...

Skip-Bo is awesome! Have you played Blokus? It's addictive, especially if you lose. How can you like soccer and not running?