No one likes a Monday with nothing to read...

And for you, I will update. Last night I tried sleeping with no meds. It went alright. It was mostly uncomfortable. I'm going to go ahead and give it another try tonight. Hopefully I'll be able to get some sleep (the again, it's already a quarter to four and I was hoping be asleep about an hour ago). This weekend was pretty eventful for myself and my knee. I'm now operating on 100 degrees of flexion. I've only got 5 more to go and then I'll be at 105 until my appointment in September. A lot of my swelling has gone down, but it's still a little tight (that's what she said?) and I still don't have feeling on the left side of my kneecap. I lotion my knee a few times every day and it seems like some of the dimpling/scar tissue is being worked out. My knee almost looks like a knee again!! Woot woot!

As for the party side of my weekend, I was able to take another trip to the drive-ins. Jill came and picked me up and we saw The Ugly Truth and The Time Traveler's Wife. In between the two films we also listened to about a half hour of The Goods and accidentally sat through the first 5 to 10 minutes of G.I. Joe because I decided it was the Time Traveler's Wife because it looked "sort of futuristic." I laughed so hard I cried. So did Jill. Too bad that was the extent of our tears. I thought Time Traveler's Wife would be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more sad. I even packed tissues. I only used them to blow my nose after eating my burrito because I had a bit of hot sauce on it. Overall, both movies were good...I just feel like I the leading ladies have other movies I would rather watch a second time. The BEST part of the night was when I got to wear my new red Keds out. That made my night...finally putting those beauties on my feet!!!

Earlier today Bryce surprised me and called. He said he was coming by, so I politely requested a Girl Scout Thin Mint Blizzard. He came through in a major way. He even brought Jeannie Mae a hot fudge sundae. That guy is a sweet heart and obviously knows that to keep any girl happy you bring her (and her fantastic mother) Dairy Queen. Hey dudes...that's a tip. Keep it in mind.

And for the shameless Mom plug: she added a diaper bag to her site (www.thecartbag.com) for anyone who wants to take a sweet, sweet gander. Apparently she needs to work on her web skillzzzz, but she's a master with a needle and some thread!!!! Before you look at the price and think "Holy shit...that's a lot for a diaper bag." keep in mind it that her bags are all hand cut and sewn and have the durability of a fucking rhino. What does that mean? I'm not sure...but trust me and others that have purchased/received them from her, they LAST. All the bags come with 2 washable and flannel lined (for baby's comfort) changing pads that affix to the bag with velcro (for that 2009 mom-on-the-go) so they are easily kept track of. Also, if you don't like the one she has posted, but LOVE the design (but what's not to love ? Especially for that almost-mom you're still trying to find the perfect gift for before the baby shower in a few weeks), feel free to shoot her an e-mail and request some colors/designs. If you have durable fabric already...she'll sew that ish up too!!!


Kevin said...

I can vouch for the diaper bags! They are awesome! :) We used ours constantly! Now our kids poop and pee in the potty (most of the time) so we don't need to carry one.

It can also double as an over night bag for your toddlers! lol

Nate B. said...

What no picture of the new kicks?