Welcome to the dream come true

Soon at least. I'll be running in 9-12 months. Optimism, right? Although it's unusual for my normally pessimistic self, I'm trying to open my eyes to the concept. The only part that gets me is the "Oh. 9-12 months, really? That's a LONG time..." Actually, no. It isn't. What's a long time is 9 years of not running, swimming, bicycling without pain. 9 to 12 months is cake!!! Shoot...today will feel like yesterday by the time it rolls around anyhow.

This week hasn't been packed full of visitors, but I don't mind so much. I LOVE having the company, but it's good to know that I'm not throwing pity parties because no one's been able to make it over. Although today I got a pleasant an unexpected visit from Peter. I haven't heard from that guy in months, but he hit me up out of the blue to come visit. It was very pleasant. I started watching Dexter tonight. That might have been a bad idea. For one, it's one more series I'm now addicted to and for two, which my luck I'm going to have nightmares tonight (err...today?). It doesn't really matter though, it's a pretty good show so far. I think I'm 4 or 5 episodes in and I'm hooked. I can't wait until the 9th or whenever How I Met Your Mother starts!!! It's gonna be gooooooood.

Last night, about a half hour after I fell asleep my leg twitched so hard it woke me up. It was almost more like I kicked then had a myoclonic jerk. It scared the shit out of me though, it was the second night in a row I had done that and woken up from it. The past week or so I haven't been able to sleep very well. For whatever reason I wake up about 2 hours into my sleep, then again every hour and a half or so until I decide to get up. Sometimes I'll be wide awake (whether it's 2 hours in or 5) and other times it's just a nuisance. It doesn't even seem to be directly related to any pain. Even though I've been waking up at 2pm every day, after figuring out the hours and everything, I still get no more than 9 hours of sleep and I generally get 8.

Earlier today I lost my balance and as an involuntary reaction, my leg hit the ground to steady myself. It wasn't too abrupt and I don't think I put that much weight on it, but it definitely scares me. I've tried extremely hard to keep all weight off my leg and I ruined it today. It bummed me out, but then I though that at least I'm 3 1/2 weeks in and that hopefully gave it enough time to not be detrimental to the healing process.

And it's 5:30 and I'm wide awake. Rad.


Kevin said...

Your leg will be fine after hitting the floor. Just think, you're doing everything by the book (except that) and there are people out there that will wait a week and start putting pressure on it. You're fine! :)

Start taking some sleep meds...just don't get hooked!

Nate B. said...

Myoclonic...I like that word. I don't like waking up because of it, but I like the word.