Today was a good day.

Especially for my knee. More so, even for the progress my knee has made. Not only am I at 95 degrees of flexion, -2 degrees of extension, but I was able to use my left quad today to lift my ENTIRE leg on it's own!!!!!! That, is a major feat. I did a few leg lifts, but didn't want to overdo it and pay for it in the morning. Now I've just got to get this swelling to go down!

The other things to make today great: Keds came in the mail, Katie's birthday present was delivered to her (a little late, but hey...at least she got it!), hand delivered pay check, hand delivered delicious elk chili and two amazing roommates visiting and bearing gifts. Brandon has skirt his way back onto the "good friend" list with delivery of aforementioned elk chili. He's teetering on a fine line though, I mean, he did show up on his moto which only made me insanely jealous. I've got a itch to ride and I got it bad...soooooooooooo bad.

While getting ready for bed, I was looking in the mirror and my skin is pretty much the same shade of white as the bathroom walls. This is sad because it's the same color as the Google freaking home page. I've only seen the sun once in the past 3 1/2 weeks. I'm gonna burn my first day out. Perhaps I'll actually invest and wear sunscreen the rest of the summer. But probably not.

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