I just watched about 45 minutes of movie trailers...

These are two of my favorite dudes.  They left today for L.A.  Hopefully they'll both be running in just over a month.  I had a pep talk with Nigel before he took off on this journey.  He's a little nervous to be away from Scotty's where his new friends kept him in good company.  He said he likes the attention he got being there.  I told him this trip would make him feel better and he'd be more admired since he'll be seeing a lot more people.  I don't know where this narcissism comes from.  Me?  Nooooo...

Saturday night was a riot.  Since Jeff was in town, we all got together over at Kip and Mel's new house (which looks FANTASTIC) for some delicious pizza and good times.  During this much needed and healthy visit, we talked and eventually moved the party into the living room for some Apples to Apples.  I must say...I've never played with such low down dirty cheaters in my life.  You couldn't take your eyes off the table without someone grabbing an extra card, exchanging a card or looking over your shoulder to see what your cards were!  I was almost ashamed for knowing such cheats!!!!!  Truth be told...I may or may not have been one of those cheats...oops!!!

Early tonight I made it to an "older than dirt" birthday party for a family friend.  There were babies everywhere running around and being darlings.  I had the pleasure of listening to a Jersey accent!  We talked about donks, hookers, bulls, scorpions, snakes and taking up snake charming with a hookah flute, but not necessarily in that order.  Alissa also came home from another epic road trip and told stories of UFC fights in Canada, catching fish at Pike Place, getting invited on a boat to party with strangers, and wedding crashing (SERIOUSLY ALISSA.  WHAT THE FUCK?!?!  HAVE YOU EVER EVEN BEEN ON A TRIP THAT YOU DIDN'T END UP DOING SOMETHING THAT PEOPLE ONLY READ ABOUT IN BOOKS AND SEE ON TV?  OH.  THAT'S RIGHT.  YOU'RE NAME IS ALISSA.  EVERYTHING YOU DO IS AMAZING AND NO ONE SHOULD BE SURPRISED ANYMORE.  I'M NOT.  HURRY UP AND WRITE THAT DUMB BOOK ABOUT YOUR LIFE ALREADY.  PEOPLE WANT TO LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOU.  AND BE YOUR FRIEND TO GO ON THESE TRIPS).

My roommates rule.  Simplest things become adventures you wish you were there for. 

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Kevin said...

Your name is Alissa, not you're. lol <--- what a dick.

That's true though! It's fun to know such good people!

I know you can't ride, but we had a pretty fun time hitting swabbies on Sunday. It'll be sweet when Nigel is done and you can hit the road with us. :)

Brandon rides like a champ already...just thought I'd let you know. Crazy little dude.