When I woke up this morning, Brandon was already at school signing up for classes.  Before he left he set up my machine (along with my yarn and needles) in his room.  I was able to finish the entire first season of Californication and half the second.  

I got a call from Sean Hills that I didn't expect.  It'd been so long since I've talked to him I thought he pocket dialed me...and proceeded make sure he knew called me.  Becca and him were in my neck of the woods so I hobbled down to Bonn Lair with Brandon and hung out for a while.  After beers and cider, we came back here and somehow Chris got talked into walking 4 blocks to our house with a fresh out of the oven cast iron pan full of rigatoni.  Delicious meal and good company...what else can a girl ask for?!


Kevin said...

Sex...a girl could ask for sex.

Scotty Scott said...

Yes. you should ask for sex.