Retiring early?

Brandon keeps hinting at me to go to sleep early tonight. He keeps
saying I'm going to need to wake up early tomorrow for some fantasic
event. So now, it's 2am and I'm in bed trying to sleep. My knee was
bothering me so I decided I. Need. Medicine. So I took 2. It looks
like I have 4 thumbs. I'm typing this out via phone so I hope 1. It
gets sent to the right place and actually shows up on my bloggy blog
and 2. I don't remember.

It's too expensive to take a boat ferry from Alaska to Washington. I
think I'd rather just drive that ish. Silly cooters. Who wants to pay
like 4 grand to be stuck on a boat with your CAR?!?!?! Not me. I'll
leave that crap on the mainland. Maybe we can just go on an amazing
cruise and party like it's going out of steeze.

I can't find ice cream cupcakes here either. Someone should make
those delicious treats for me. Also. I went to get coffee and what
kind of DUMB COFFEE SHOP CLOSES AT 8?!?!?!?!?! Peet's does. I want
to boycott. Once I can hobble further I'm going to. I don't even
care...I'll freaking walk to Temple. And by walk I mean make someone
drive me. It's only one mile.

What the heck?! It's after 2. Sleepy time. Stop topjbg (typing).
Silky thumbs.


Kevin said...

Sell out.

Nate B. said...

Coffee shops should all be open late. I'm an evening coffee drinker and I drive home long distances late at night all the time always wanting coffee but never finding it. Booooo! I don't think you'd stick to the boycott.