A lengthy and amazing birthday

First off, I wanted to make sure I thanked everyone who sent me a happy birthday message, email, text, facebook, myspace or called.  I tried to get everyone, hopefully I succeeded.

All the night before Brandon kept telling me how I needed to go to bed early because I had to maybe wake up early.  I barely got any sleep all night because our house was ridiculously hot and I was filled with anticipation.  I mean...26, that's a milestone, right?!  At 6:30 I got a birthday call from New York.  At 7:30 I was sung the happy birthday song by my amazingly adorable 4 year old cousin and at 8 I decided I couldn't sleep any more and got out of bed and got ready for the day.  While I was in the shower grandma called to wish me a happy birthday and left a voicemail telling me I was lazy because she'd already been awake for 3 hours!  Super adorable!!!

I got a phone call from Bryce just after 9 and decided I was going to go wake up Alissa and Brandon.  I felt too bad about thinking of waking them up and finally they rolled out of bed around 10.  Both of them were completely surprised to see that I was up, awake, showered, in my birthday skirt outfit and ready for the day to begin!  They took me to an unknown destination for tasty birthday breakfast (Fox & Goose!!!!) where I got an olallieberry scone with devonshire cream, amongst other delicious treats.  We got back to the house and I fell asleep in a food coma.

There was a loud pounding on the door and next thing I know, Maria and Orlando are in the house with ICE CREAM CUPCAKES (WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!) and an ice cream sundae!!!!  They couldn't stay long, but they wanted to make sure they stopped by to say hello and happy b-day!  After eating ice cream...I decided a nap was in order.  I awoke from about an hour/hour and a half nap and Will said he was coming over to visit for a short while.  While Will was at the house, I put him to work in carrying some pizza and garlic bread back to the house so I could take it to my folk's place for a combined birthday/35th anniversary dinner.

Alissa and I headed out with my bicycle in tow.  We got to my folks house to dine with Bryce, Jody, Amanda (+baby),  Kip, Mel, Sydney, Emre, Brother, Amy, Scotty, Brandon and the 'rents!!!!!  There were more people there than I expected, so it was a pleasant surprise!!!!!  After a FANTASTIC dinner and visit with everyone, we headed home.  Just as I sat down I got a message from Jill saying she was headed to Rick's Dessert Diner with Dan, Buddy and some additional amazing people in tow!!!!  I told her right then that I would be there to indulge some lemon cheesecake.  I realize that with all this food...how could I be hungry?!?!?!  For dessert even?!?!?!  There's ALWAYS room for dessert!!!!  Maybe I'll just put on a couple pounds!!!!!!

After dessert, I headed back home and Peter came over with a care package of Shirley Temple ingredients, apple crisp and a gigantic cup full of Jelly Belly!!!!!!!!!!!!  Peter got Alissa and Brandon a little tipsy and Brandon some how coaxed everyone into his room to watch youtube videos of the Slap Chop Remix and some fat kid on a roller coaster with his mom laughing at him the whole time.  Go B!

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Kevin said...

See, I knew Rijel had a boyfriend! lol Sounds like a fun day! You should eat some veggies today though.