Ice cream cupcakes

Are my new second favorite dessert.  The only thing above them are the key lime tart pie from Cafe Mekka in Nevada City.  By far the best key lime cheesecake/tart/deliciousness that I've ever put in my mouth.

My knee seems to be stagnant as far as flexion and swelling goes.  I ice it multiple times a day, but the thing is still swollen on the inner knee are.  It's also still turning purple and my toes grow twice the size when I stand for too long.  I'm going to ask the doc about this when I go in for my check up next week.  I'm pretty sure it's normal though.

Tonight the roommates and I got served a "loud party notice" from the local law enforcement.  I think it's because Alissa talks so loud. Or maybe it was just a joke.  Regardless...our street cred just went up.  That's right.  We throw raging parties.  Parties so loud that the cops who were on our street 100 feet away could hear us and decided to serve us with a notice before anything even happens.  Yessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hopefully our neighbors saw and are now mad jealous.  Maybe they think we're outlaws.  Maybe they think we've done something terribly bad and that's why the cops keep showing up at our house, perhaps to interview us again and again.  Yeah...we don't mess around!!!

I got a package in the mail today from my brother in Connecticut.  My dad informed me of this via text.  I asked him what was in the package.  His response:

"Don't know.  I don't open private mail.  

It's a federal crime."

I told him I'd be over tomorrow to pick it up.  


That was supposed to be pray


Fucking spell check"

My dad rules.

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