Picnic and nude chicks covered in graffiti

Since my last update, more than just a picnic and seeing graffiti clad ladies has happened...that just seems to be the most interesting title!!  

Friday night Chris and Amber came over and Chris made a ridiculously delicious 842084935267 course meal.  There were a bunch of hors d'oeuvres and the main course was a veggie lasagna that was delectable!!!  Chris made enough to feed an army, which was good because quite a few people happened to be over when dinner was served!  Saturday Amber took me to McKinley park for a picnic and card games.  I very poorly worked on my tan and saw absolutely zero results because I chose to sit in the shade when she told me to point at a spot to put the blanket!  Apparently pale skin is what I'm into these days!  

Saturday I went to my folk's place.  Dad showed me my birthday presents!!!  He got me a BUNCH of stuff for my bicycle!!!  I also got to hit up Temple II and see some old friends.  I also got to see Tav who refused to touch my knee scar.  He's not as tough as he looks, I guess.

Sunday night Brandon and I met up with Kip and Melissa for dinner at Chevy's on the river.  Melissa yelled at the waiter.  Brandon yelled at the waiter.  Kip yelled at the waiter.  I had to be his shoulder to cry on.  I'm such an angel.  I can't believe my friends are so mean sometimes.  Juuuuuuuuuuuuust kidding!!!!  But Melissa really did yell at him.  Hahahaha.  It wasn't a mean yell...it was sort of just a loud HEY! and he was a VERY good sport and joked about getting yelled at with all of us.

Tonight Brandon and I hobbled over to Bonn Lair and met Kip and Scotty for drinks.  Man Brandon walks fast.  I'm a fast cripple, but I was sweaty and breathing heavy by the time we made the 500 feet to get there!!!  I watched Coraline tonight too.  I was stoked when the beginning menu came on and all I saw was a needle, thread and button.  I thought to myself, "I'm going to LOVE this movie regardless."  I was very correct.

I see the doctor Wednesday.  I'm ready to start my rehabilitation.  Hopefully they'll assign me a physical therapist and say I can ride a bicycle in 2 weeks.  I wanna rule the streets already.

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Kevin said...

You were stinky too...not only sweaty. just kidding. :)