Henry Rollins is a BABE.

The man is a freaking dream boat.

Jill came over today and we had girl talk with Alissa.  Amazing.  I also signed myself up for a massage on Thursday.  It's funny how hard people laugh when they walk in the house and just see tasty treats strewn about.  Yikes.  

I have my second follow up appointment tomorrow morning and I've got my fingers crossed that the doc will say I can start my physical therapy.

I can also say what I did not do tonight.  I did not watch the Sons of Anarchy season premier.  With uber dreamy Henry Rollins and Charlie Hunnam.  I don't watch that show.  Okay.  Maybe.  Don't tell anyone.  Gotta keep my rep.  Or something.

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Kevin said...

Fuck, I knew I missed something last night. I wanted to TiVo it.