No more machine!

I went to my post-op today.  My dad rode his bicycle downtown and met me, then we drove my car to my appointment.  On the way there, I pointed out Brandon's car and told Pops how the car was hit the other day while parked on the street.  I also told him how when we walked out and the lady randomly asked Alissa, B and I if the car was ours because she had backed into it, Alissa and I started laughing hysterically and walked into the coffee shop, leaving Brandon outside to pretend to be distressed over the situation.  My dad also found the story humorous and we laughed together and B's expense.  I love my dad.

The doctor said I was 3 weeks behind schedule for what the cartilage implant company expected, but that I'm doing well for my particular situation.  If I were to have been a normal patient, I would have only been non-weight bearing for 4 weeks instead of 7.  BUT...due to my particular situation and that this was my 5th surgery, I'm not doing so bad!  

I no longer need to use the CPM machine.  My doctor's a character and when I said, "Really?!" He responds with, "Heck yes!  Throw that thing out the window!!!!"  We laughed and then he told me he doesn't advise throwing the machine out the window, especially since it'd probably cost me a pretty penny or two to replace!!  

I no longer need to wear the gigantic brace.  He said I could still wear it, but also made it very clear that the reason people are usually required to wear the brace is for a reminder.  A reminder that you can't just jump up and start walking every where.  I don't think I'll have this problem, especially since I still keep having nightmares about doing just that.  I really don't want to do anything to put my knee at risk.  I'm done having surgeries for a while.

I'm to start physical therapy next week.  I'll be going twice a week for at least 6 weeks.  I really hope I don't have to pay the $30 or whatever it is EVERY visit.  I've got my fingers crossed that it's covered by insurance since it goes with the surgery. I'm also going to try to get some extra time in on a stationary bicycle when I can.  I'm tremendously excited to start physical therapy, even though I know it will hurt.

I'm up to 122 VERY painful degrees of flexion.  As I was laying on the table, he wanted to see how far I could bend my knee.  So I bent as far as I felt I could go...then he helped me out and pushed on my leg a little.  I thought I was going to cry.  It hurt, but he was happy with the progress I've made for strengthening, he's just worried about my bending.  I can also put about 1/4 of my weight on my leg.  This is going to be terrifically helpful for my daily activities...such as showering.  Or standing.  

To celebrate my knee brace freedom I went to Jill's house to porch sit.  Her roommate Bryce bar-b-qued us some delicious hamburgers and corn.  We talked a while, I did a lot of knee bending, we talked some more, we drank beers of the root variety as well as the wheat and barley variety, we talked even more, we yelled at cougs and pre-cougs, then we saw RACCOONS.  That's right.  Freaking RACCOONS.  These little brave souls travelled from across the street and into the apartment complex down the street.  I tried to yell "raccoon" but I think I had cougars on the mind because that's what came out instead.  I was pointing at them and was hugely excited.  Once Jill and Bryce turned to the street and saw these spectacular creatures, Bryce RAN downstairs to see these things eye-to-eye and I quickly stole his seat to get a better view!!!  The raccoons ended up meandering into the apartments, but it was still an amazing sight!!!

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Kevin said...

You're almost like a real person again!! Good job Rijel! :)