If I could grow a beard...

I would.  Abso-freaking-lutely.  Or totes (totally...just shortened, yeah...I'm not really feeling that word either).  Whatevs.  Perf.  I can't think of anything else I shorten right now...or I'd throw those in there too.

I had a massage delivered to me today by Jill.  It was amazing.  I'm glad she has a mobile service for the disabled!!!  Haha.  Jill and I also had lunch at the thai place by my house.  It's close enough to crutch to, even though I still broke a sweat getting there.  Since Peet's is on the way home from the thai place, we stopped in there too.  While on the way in I saw the most adorable boy in front of the coffee shop.  He was picture perfect 1960s.  He was wearing slacks, dressy-ish shoes, a long sleeve collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up and 50s style Ray Bans.  He had the perfect JFK hair part and classic style.  Oh yeah...he was probably only 18.  To say he was 19 would be pushing it.  The guy's gonna be a lady slayer when he gets a few years on him (so long as he keeps his impeccable style).

Later in the night porch sitting ensued.  There was bbq, drinks and amazing people!!!!  I like the porch because I can sit down the whole time and it's hard to tell I'm a handi.  It's pretty easy to keep from getting injured while I'm there too.  There's not a whole lot of movement and I try to secure a spot where I can elevate my leg when needed.  Today was good.  Very, very good.  Hopefully I won't be paying for being out when I wake up!

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Kevin said...

Yeah, safe until that roof caves in and you guys crash into the convenience store below. :)