Cheese skirts, porch parties and amazing parents

This weekend was exhausting.  I didn't do a whole lot, but what I did do took a lot out of me!!!!  Thursday night Brandon's friend Vinny came in to town and on Friday the 3 of us hit up Squeeze Inn for delicious cheese skirts!!!  Later on Friday Kip and Scotty rode over to the house and we ended up at Buddy's place for moto night.  Upon a grocery store run with Jillington I decided I needed cookies.  Not just 1 type of cookie either...I had to pick up 2.  Once we got back to Buddy's I ate an entire row of mint Oreo's to myself.  Brandon showed up a little later on his mean little scoot.   Kip, Scotty, Brandon and I took off from moto night and turned it into beers and Shirley T's night!  

Saturday I woke up to the amazing smell of fresh rain.  I slept through the rain, but at least I got bask in the smell!  It was 2nd Saturday so Brandon and I went to look for body painting (and unfortunately we showed up too late to watch the actual painting happen).  After crutching 10 blocks, even though it was colder outside and there was a breeze, I was hot, sweaty and feelin' stinky.  What better to do after a work out, but head to a party, right?!  Jill had a birthday party on her porch for one of her friends so B and I headed to the porch.  The night was a success.  I got to stake claim in a corner of the porch with an amazing couch Jill had set up for me and declared it the Handi Corner!!!  The night entailed iced tea, a dance party, beers, bicycle stacking championship, hollering, drunk unknown asian who hated Paris (a girl, not the city) and a massive cupcake fight that I was lucky enough not to have been part of.

Sunday I had planned on sitting around slummin' it all day.  This only half way happened.  I definitely woke up late enough for it to happen!  I headed over to my folk's place to hang out and while I was there Jeannie Mae washed and vacuumed my car for me and Dennis Lee kept trying to feed me peaches and cream, chinese food and cereal!  I've truly got amazing parents!!  I got an invite to a sweet BBQ and decided to head out for a bit.  I ate soooooooo much at the BBQ I literally stuffed myself.  I had steak, chicken, fish, salmon, rice, salsa, hummus, chips and cupcakes!!!  I could barely crutch out of the house because I didn't think my stomach could function for movement.  

Today I'm awake ridiculously early.  For me anyhow.  I woke up just after 8 because I'm too paranoid about missing my first physical therapy appointment.  What time is my appointment?  Oh...you know...1:30 this afternoon.  Yeah.  THAT paranoid.  I know I'm gonna hate the work out and it's going to hurt.  Lucky for me, the PT office is only 2 blocks away, so I think I'm going to crutch there.  I hope I'll have the energy to crutch home.  If not...I can probably call the roomies.

I had a dream the other day where I was at Brandon's wedding.  No.  I was not marrying him.  Gross.  BUT, for whatever reason, he had 3 groomsmen and then I was sitting at the table with the wedding party wearing a black dress like I was IN the wedding as an "optional" groomsperson.  I even had to make a speech.  I was the first to make the speech, like I was the best man or something.  My speech went something like...

"Well, here we are.  I want to say congratulations to Brandon for actually getting married and settling down to an amazing woman.  I also want to say congratulations to (insert girl's name here) because we all thought Brandon was gay."

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