First day of therapy

Physical therapy, that is.  I crutched the 2 1/2 blocks to the hospital where the physical therapy office is.  Once I got there I decided it was a bad idea and even though it wasn't very far, I should get a ride home.  My shoulders were/are extremely sore from all the walking/crutching this past weekend and even though it's not a far walk home, it's definitely a lengthy crutch.  

My physical therapist (PT) wasn't bad.  She's a younger lady and tried really hard to make stimulating conversation.  Our communication was awkward and forced, but she tried her best.  It's difficult to entertain while getting your atrophied quadricep knead like it were a loaf of sourdough.  I got on the stationary bicycle with zero resistance for 10 minutes.  It felt good.  Very good.  It was some of the first "exercise" I've gotten in a long time.  My PT gave me 7 exercises to do, along with 2 elastic tension bands (basically wide rubber bands) to work out with at home.  I also get to start some pool exercises next week.  When she measured my flexion, I was at 128 degrees (which is 6 more than last week).

I originally asked Brandon to pick me up from the doctor's office and he said he would whenever I was ready.  Alissa messaged me while I was at the hospital still and asked if I wanted a Bliss from Temple.  Who am I to deny goodness?  I told Alissa I would LOVE to go and asked if she could pick me up instead of Brandon.  I make it to the front of the hospital and who's waiting for me?  Brandon.  On his motorcycle.  With only one seat and no crutch holder.  So what do I do?  I did what ANY girl in my position would do.  

I HOLLER!!!  I was like..."Yo baby, let me get a ride home on that thing."  Brandon and I both laughed and Alissa pulled in soon after and the three of us hit up the local delicious coffee spot, Temple II.

I made it out to my aunt & uncle's for family dinner and was given a few gifts for my birthday (since it was the first time I'd been able to see a few of my family members).  We had scrumptious Sloughhouse corn and chocolate cake.  It was a dream and thinking about it now makes my mouth water.

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Kevin said...

You guys are silly. Physical Theropy sucks. You're a trooper Rijel. xo