I finally found part of a video I've been searching for over the last like 4 or 5 years.  I'm stoked!!!!

I had a crazy lazy day today and my shoulders and arms finally feel back to normal.  I only left the house for lunch at the taqueria and then for porch time.  While I was at home for the majority of the day, I spent it looking at oddee.com.  Be warned, it's an addicting site with lots of stuff to get lost in for HOURS.  Seriously...HOURS.  While at the porch with Jill and Buddy I met a Montanian with a billion cars and Ben the Bearded made an appearance.  

Tonight I was told I had a best friend and didn't even know it.  Apparently people with this trash.  I think it means people are far more bored than I think they are!!  I can't wait to get back on my two feet (literally).  Knowing I have a friend taking off to Italy in barely a week makes me want to travel my pants off.  Errr...my legs off.  I miss the jet-setter life style I had last year.  I haven't even been on a plane since last December.  I have quite a few places I want to be PRONTO.  Once I am up to par there will be no stopping me.

Tomorrow will be busier, but today was good.  Minus some missed conversations with a couple key people.  Otherwise, I love cool nights and laughing hard enough to make my stomach hurt.

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Kevin said...

I fucking hate beards.