Taco Tuesday?!?!

I think I experienced my first Taco Tuesday tonight. It's not quite what I've heard about, so maybe it wasn't exactly THE Taco Tuesday...but I'm going to pretend it was and that it migrated downtown so I could be part of it in my handi status. It was very cool to see the bikes parked in front of the taco shop and I can't wait until Nigel and I are fully a part of it. I'm gonna ride Nigel 'til his wheels fall off.

I did my 6 hours on the machine today and did my stretches. Since I've been out of commission, I've decided to try and get a little limber, so I've been stretching once or twice a day. I need to be able to get my shoes on my left foot with no issues and I can't do that until I can touch the bottom of my feetsies. I'm almost there and it feels amazing to stretch.

I spent the later part of the evening looking at motorcycles. I think I'm starting to depress myself with that ish. I think I'll start looking at trikes.


Kevin said...

Trikes are awesome. They're the new "chopper".

Nate B. said...

What's the depressing part? Not being able to ride? Or not being able to afford what you're looking at? You need to look at something more motivational and less depressing. Watch The Biggest Loser with the sound down and play the Rocky theme in the background. Always gets me pumped :)

Rijel said...

Not being able to ride, of course! Although looking at motos gives me motivation to make sure I have something on 2 wheels pronto!