It's almost 5 and I'm looking at miniature pot belly pigs online

Yikes.  Too bad they're mad cute and ridiculously smart.  I watched a bunch of videos on youtube and saw all the neat tricks.  Maybe instead of dogs, my folks should get pot belly pigs.  I don't even remember why I started looking them up, but I always remember Royal Dandies and I guess now they make super ultra mega tiny pigs.  I know they're probably genetically altered so much that they have new unknown issues, but they're so freaking cute and baby size I want to ride around with one in the basket of my bicycle.

I woke up surprisingly early for having gone to bed so late today.  I did about 8 hours on the machine and I got some Thai food (finally) that I've been craving since about the second day I was at my folks place.  I also got to get out of the house a little longer when Brandon and I went to Jill's and did some porch sitting.  I definitely missed that for the past 5 weeks or so.  Making mistakes by yelling possibly rude things to passerby's should not be underrated.  I think perhaps I should get some shut eye...I've got a big day of ebay-ing tomorrow.

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Kevin said...

No real comment...just need to comment. :) Ummm good job! lol