4 desserts. 1 day.

I should've taken pictures of all the lovely treats before I devoured them, but I did not.

This weekend consisted of an epic urban adventure, the best of friends, porch sitting, delicious dinners, laughing until I cried, Shirley T's and making new tremendously fantastic friends!!

I'm growing more and more excited every minute about being able to stand up straight with two legs on the ground.  Come Wednesday I will hopefully make that a reality.  I miss standing up straight to put on make up, shower, talk to people, look in the refrigerator, etc.  These are things I generally took for granted.  Lucky for me, I've had to deal with this type of recovery in the past (not quite as bad before) and I took advantage of every walk, jump, skip, squat, shuffle, stair I could.

I think I might make it to the gym tomorrow to get on the stationary bike and try to work off 1/4 of one of those desserts.  Probably won't happen, but it's the thought that counts, right?!  RIGHT?!?!?!  Maybe I need the Scotty work out video instead so I can become a hard body.

Here's a pretty sweet picture of Brother, Grandma, Grandpa and I circa 2003.  Check out my super sweet double chin, thin eyebrows, long-ish hair and 15 extra pounds.  Grandpa LOATED taking pictures...I'm glad he was a good enough sport for this one (even if he wasn't looking at the camera).  

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Kevin said...

Hahaha Rijel circa '03. I remember them days. You're still a dork.