I apologize now

For yet another extremely addiction site: Uncrate

It's the "buyers guide for men" which obviously doesn't help my case in proving that I'm not completely a tomboy and am into dudes, but it's a good site nonetheless. 

To help maintain the fact that I'm still a girl, I DID find Outblush which is the babe version of Uncrate, however they do not have all the ish that I think is way cool like cars, motorcycles, electronics and furniture.  They DO, however have shoes.  Which is my favorite part.  I double checked, so not to make myself a liar and it looks like they DO have cars and stuff...there's just not as much content.  Maybe they need an expert like...me?  Probably.  I would love to have a job where I sit on the interwebz shopping all day long.

If you do, in fact, decide to go get lost on these sites and decide you need to purchase something...you can always check here: The Bargainist to see if there's a sweet deal.

I probably SHOULD get paid for advertising.  I'd probably make a killing doing so.


wadethetides said...

Good lookin' out with that Uncrate site. Now stop buying 20,000 more pairs of Keds!

Kevin said...

That shit is all rediculously over priced. A $20,5000 CB750 cafe bike...WHAT?! Redic. $68 for a polo shirt? Retarded. Calvin Klein outlet in Folsom has some bitchin' attire that is a little more affordable. :)

Give me money to buy stuff, Rijel.